There are many comparisons made between the US and UK, showing how the UK’s food supply is higher quality. That can lead to an assumption that the UK is healthier. Many US tourists have also physically felt better after spending time in Europe.


While this Article proved that to be the case for the UK concerning multiple well-known conditions with the exception of hypertension…


This second Article brings to light another problem not often discussed amongst Americans, which is when people move to Europe from other countries and the potential for their health to decline. Parts of Europe may be ‘healthier’ than the US, but Europe is not always healthier compared to the rest of the world:


Particularly when you remove the consideration of infectious diseases from some countries mistreated and disregarded by major nations, the people in these other countries can be otherwise quite healthy and strong, and can have a more beneficial response to similar doses of medicinal substances.


Potentially having a more beneficial response is no excuse to ignore or dismiss severity of signs and symptoms. It is always important to address every individual as needed and with respect.