If you struggle with grains, nuts and seeds, another topping you can try with fresh fruit is chopped dates.
There are usually pre-packaged chopped dates in the grocery store. But if you want to chop dates yourself to avoid the added dextrose, that is even better. Having to chop them yourself may help prevent you from binging on the bag of pre-chopped dates.
Sometimes you just may want something additional that is dry and chewy. Chopped dates can be what you are searching for.
One combination that I like is fresh strawberries and dried chopped dates.
Can’t have dates? Try another dried fruit such as dried versions of the following: goji berries, mulberries, figs, raisins, green raisins (so delicious!), mango (without added sugar), apple, prunes (yes I said prunes, which some of you would benefit from if your bowels do not eliminate or eliminate well at least once per day).
In fact, if you have struggled with leaky gut and food sensitivities, it is a good idea to alternate the foods you eat in order to avoid accumulating more food sensitivities. Enjoy the variety!