I, like many, had to deal with a major winter storm last week, which included power outages, shortage of water and loss of internet.  I was able to get to a place with heat and other necessities fairly quickly.  The thing I did not have most of the week was internet.  Because of that, this was the first time in a long time where I felt completely comfortable cutting all duties off, because there was no other option.  I did not blame myself for not working because I know how hard I work in general, and because I had not had a vacation in a very long time.

During this what I have decided to call ‘vacation,’ my body was allowed to relax to a degree that I could feel the difference all over.  It was like ‘oh, this is what no stress feels like.’  It was like gates had been opened and were releasing a bunch of stuff that I had unknowingly been holding onto.

It reminded me of school breaks of the past, when I noticed my body better tolerated certain foods it did not tolerate during the school year.  I had forgotten about those improvements since they were short-lived, and I suppose I discounted them as ‘not normal life.’  I decided to mostly focus on solutions that would help me and also my clients in what I considered ‘daily real life,’ which comes with higher levels of stress.  I still provide referrals to various healing centers when I see the need.

Prior to starting my business, I took a few trips out of the country where I participated in healing retreats.  Healing retreats can allow your body to experience a higher level of healing more quickly.  But what you do going forward (i.e. long term, in daily life) after those retreats matters a great deal also.  I have had to explain this to a few clients along the way who did major short-term cleanses but were still struggling later on (though perhaps not as bad as before, which means there was some progress sustained), which is why they sought my help.

But I think last week reminded me of something: if your body is struggling to handle ‘daily real life,’ then change needs to happen somewhere.  What I took away from last week was the decision to implement moments where I allow myself to have no obligations.  These can be 1-minute experiences, or much longer.   Immediately, my body starts to relax and I feel better.  Although they are just moments, I think I have started something worthy of my time.

Give it a try and see how you feel!

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