Telehealth vs. In-Person

Gaining Understanding and Comfort

Dr. Miles uses a private HIPAA compliant video platform for consultations. She helps you to improve your health without hands-on or invasive therapies. She has been trained to know when to refer you to a specialist for certain analyses, tests and procedures if necessary, and can collaborate with your physician. This is why she determines what a new client is seeking help with prior to their first appointment. Through this approach, Dr. Miles has helped clients improve their digestion, mood and energy, normalize blood pressure and blood sugar, reduce chronic pain, recover from low adrenal function, improve sleep, balance hormones, eliminate kidney stone formation, as well as stabilize and improve kidney function.


Please complete the following form(s). I will have you share them with me once your appointment is scheduled. Not for 15 min introductory calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Miles will go through the Client Intake form in-depth with you. Towards the end, she will create a strategy to help you achieve your goals. This can include testing, lifestyle changes, herbs, homeopathy, nutrients, and referrals to other practitioners that will be synergistic in your healing.

Expect shorter waiting times and more time with the doctor. More time means we can better assess the root causes and current factors that contribute to where you are now, and target what is needed to help you reach a higher state of health.

This will be a time of evaluating how the initial strategy is being carried out, if it is working, what needs to be changed, how Dr. Miles can help you to implement it better if necessary, and motivation to keep going.

The knowledge Dr. Miles provides, the time she spends with you, and the time she spends before and after your visit studying and preparing everything for you according to what is being worked on in each visit.  The studying and preparing that Dr. Miles does outside of the visit can often be multiple hours.

Dr. Miles conducts virtual consultations globally. She accommodates different time zones​ and works with a variety of companies to provide you the products you need to achieve your health goals. You are more than welcome to have an English translator join you during your appointment. So whether you reside in a different state, live in another country, or are a global expat perhaps working for a US embassy or international corporation, Dr. Miles is here to assist you.

Only debit or credit cards and health savings account cards are accepted.

I teach my clients how to do a different type of hydrotherapy involving the use of hot and cold water applications to the body.

No. Nor is this usually needed for the niches I focus on.

Yes.  However, if they are under 3 yo, here is a referral.  She can work with you virtually:

Dr. Jameelah Nelson –

No, but here are some referrals (the first three can work with you virtually):

  • Dr. Aminah Keats –
  • Dr. Heidi Kussman –
  • Dr. Samm Pryce – Website:   Complimentary 15 min phone consultation:
  • NDs have worked at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.  CTCA has a few locations in the US –  You may need to specifically ask for ND support.  Please ask the NDs on staff for further information.
  • Consider seeking the help of oncology focused NDs in other states (such as Washington, Oregon, California, or Arizona) for in-person care.  Many people travel to see NDs for oncology cases. You can visit the website for the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians ( and use the ‘Find a Doctor’ tool.  You can also visit the website of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians ( > Click ‘Find a Doctor’ near the top right of the page > Fill in the parameters you are seeking, including selecting Cancer/Oncology underneath ‘Practice Focus.’

No, but here are a few referrals (ask them about working virtually):

Dr. Jennifer Pierre –

Dr. Aumatma Simmons –

Types of Appointments

15-Minute Introductory Phone Call

This call helps to give you a general idea of what it is like to work with It's Time Natural Health.

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6-Month Payment Plan - $215/month - 1 Hour

Contracted commitment to pay $215 per month for 6 months, which includes 6 consultations (1 per month). This will schedule the first consultation. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled directly with Dr. Miles. The subsequent 5 payments will be automatically drafted on a monthly basis.

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Consultation (Pay-as-you-go Option) - $285 - 1 Hour

We will go in depth through a detailed intake form and at the end of the session I will implement natural strategies to begin the healing process and reach your goals. I will also offer testing suggestions if relevant. You can select this option for new and follow up appointments.

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Herbs and/or Flower essences for mental and emotional wellness - $75 - 45 min

To address specific themes of your stress and struggle points and help you navigate life. Not for clinically serious mental health conditions.

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Consultation Deposit - $175

Schedule an appointment with this deposit and pay the rest during the visit.

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Online course - Natural Approaches to High Blood Pressure and Low Kidney Function

Did you know that high blood pressure puts you at risk for kidney damage and a chronic decline in kidney function? Yet many are not told by their doctors in detail about this risk factor or about their kidney function declining until it is quite low and they are close to needing dialysis or a transplant. This should not be the case.

In this course, I teach you how to 1) monitor your own kidney function and provide natural approaches to 2) reduce blood pressure and 3) preserve and improve kidney function.

The course is packed with information that you will likely want to revisit multiple times to soak it all in, yet it is still just about 50 minutes long and includes a downloadable handout at the end that helps you to put into action what you learn from the course.

Click here to schedule a 15 min intro call with Dr. Miles so we can determine if this course would be of great benefit to you!

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