The world of holistic healing is a space where people understand what it means to see oppression of health and suppression of truth and solutions. However, the world of holistic healing is not without hypocrisy. There are many cases of racism in our profession. Although it has baffled me in the past how this can be the case, it dawned on me that this nation was also built the same way – Europeans left Europe to come to America to live in freedom, while denying freedom to others to force to them build their ‘land of the free.’ In other words, freedom by force – ironic right? And since then, there has been a constant agenda to keep Black people suppressed by any means necessary. So of course, some of the descendents of European settlers would still find these behaviors as ‘normal.’

There are many habits (or sets of mental programming) we have to break on our journey to better health that we find as ‘normal’ but are outright destructive to our bodies. Our bodies are the ones to let us know through symptoms that our habits are in fact abnormal, and that we must change if we wish to restore balance and optimal functioning. This journey away from abnormal habits can feel very uncomfortable in more ways than one, and reveal more of you to yourself than you probably knew before, but the rewards gained are always worth it. The journey to respect for others is similar.

There are those who probably do not come to me as a doctor just because of the color of my skin, whether that be intentionally or subconsciously. A subconsious example would be a person quickly feeling disconnect, discomfort, distrust, like it’s just not a good fit for a reason they cannot or do not articulate, or silently and quickly assuming on some level in the background of their minds, “she doesn’t know what she is doing,” just by observing the color of my skin. You can have disconnect and sensing not a good fit in general with anyone, but there is a difference in what I am explaining here.

I remember being on a plane, watching a white man beside me look at each page of a magazine for about 3-5 seconds, but when he came to the one page in the entire magazine that was completely covered with the picture and article of a successful Black woman, he immediately turned the page. This happened in less than 1 second. This could be seen as an example of being programmed.

When I first began my business as a doctor, most people who came to see me were Black. I always appreciate them supporting me, but it was also an eye-opener for me to notice that the number of non-Black individuals coming to see me were much smaller. As someone who has seen multiple races of doctors as a client throughout my life, I felt discriminated against. But I kept going, and overtime, the ratio has started to become more balanced.

To the Black men and women who have chosen me as their doctor, thank you so much for supporting your own.

To the non-Black men and women who have chosen me as their doctor, thank you for trusting me with your health. I encourage you to let family/friends/colleagues know it is okay to do the same with Black professionals in general, to go as a customer and to refer your customers.

The same approach applies when trying anything “new.” If it does not go well the first time, that is not a license to cast all people of that group as problematic. If you do not like your cardiologist you don’t stop seeing cardiologists, but instead get a second opinion from another cardiologist. The same can be said for working with Black professionals.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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