One of my specialties is Kidney disease. Most of the clients that come to me with Kidney disease have a long-standing history with hypertension or diabetes. These are the two most common causes of Kidney disease in the United States.

The main thing that I notice about most individuals that contact me is that they also have a long-standing history of their blood pressure or blood sugar not being well controlled.

High blood pressure and blood sugar can overtime cause significant damage to the kidneys. The kidneys are not considered regenerative organs in conventional medicine. This is why most people with kidney disease end up on dialysis, because it takes the place of the original function of the kidneys, which is to filter waste from the blood.

I encourage you to not be okay with fluctuating or uncontrolled blood pressure or blood sugar. Through working with me, my clients find their numbers typically starting to lower in a couple months or less. I also simultaneously protect your kidneys. Addressing kidney disease means not only using therapies to preserve and restore kidney function, but also addressing the initial cause of damage, which in this case would be high blood pressure or high blood sugar.

Let’s not wait until your kidney function potentially starts to decline. Begin to protect your kidneys now. Schedule a telemedicine consultation by:

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