Know the cause of your Kidney function decline

This could be high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or autoimmune conditions, for example. When I work with someone to support kidney function, I address whatever pre-existing condition caused the damage. If you only target the kidneys without addressing the underlying condition, it makes it harder to heal. So be sure to be proactive about taking care of any pre-existing conditions you have that could cause kidney damage.


Be sure to drink enough water. Dehydration leads to acids, wastes, and muscle proteins (such as myoglobin) building up within the kidneys. Dehydration can also lead to formation of kidney stones and urinary tract infections, which can further damage the kidneys if not resolved quickly. If you are not a fan of the taste of water, consider adding lemon or lime juice and 1 drop of stevia to create your own sugar-free lemonade or limeade. Soaking orange peels in water also creates a satisfying flavor.

Minimize your protein intake

When the kidneys are compromised, a high protein diet can cause further damage. In fact, a high protein diet in absence of kidney function decline could also potentially cause damage. It is important to reduce not just animal protein but also plant protein. Animal protein may be more of a concern, but the total amount regardless of where it comes from is also to be monitored. Without protein, you can still have a fulfilling and delicious diet through lots of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats (like olive oil), and moderate amounts of protein.

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