I have a client with low kidney function. He may need to get surgery for another unrelated condition. However, he was told that the surgery may affect his kidneys to the point that he will have to be put on dialysis, for life. My client does not want to be on dialysis, but if he chooses to do the surgery, he knows he will have to accept this risk.
His nephrologist also suggested going on hemodialysis prior to the surgery to clean up his blood of toxins (accumulated due to low renal function) prior to the surgery. Due to my client’s knowledge that hemodialysis is likely to more quickly shut down whatever function your kidneys have left on their own (vs peritoneal dialysis, which is known to help preserve them longer), he asked his nephrologist if this would likely shut down his kidneys permanently and he would then be forever dependent on dialysis. The nephrologist avoided answering until my client asked him multiple times and then he finally answered that the kidneys would likely shut down. The nephrologist also did not ever suggest peritoneal dialysis during this appointment.
Although dialysis saves lives, it is also a money-making business.
Do you see how doctors avoid saying everything, everything in particular that would matter to YOU? Do not hesitate to ask your doctor a question multiple times if they avoid answering you. At the end of the day, you have the final say.