Preconception care is the optimizing of health for both mom and dad prior to conceiving a child. The way I first begin this process is by cleaning out the emunctories, or avenues through which the body cleanses itself. This include the bowels, kidneys, liver, skin, and emotional/mental health. It is about halfway into cleansing that I address any hormonal imbalances. It is through these processes that we reach our goals: healthier parents, healthier pregnancy, healthier delivery, and healthier child which turns into a healthier adult.

For me, preconception care is less about the parent, but more about the child. The main reason I embarked on this journey was because I wanted to create a healthier generation. A generation that would start out strong, instead of fighting their way to health. A generation that would know how to keep themselves healthy, instead of figuring it out only if/when their health declines. A generation that could spend their time doing other things than being mentally, emotionally and financially consumed with how to be ‘normal’ again.

I used to say ‘I wish I had a Naturopathic doctor when I was little.’ But then I decided to take it a few steps further back, to build an even better foundation for each individual life. And an entire family that is intent on staying healthy can better inspire each family member to reach that goal.