I have a new client who came to me for a more natural approach to reducing blood pressure.  During the first visit, I learned that she has Multiple Sclerosis.  I also learned that the blood pressure increase and the MS happened around the same time.

This prompted me to research MS on the spot during the visit to find out if it could be correlated to high blood pressure, and in fact it can.  High blood pressure can further progress MS, so it is also highly suggested to reduce the blood pressure in order to prevent this occurrence.

Given that my client was diagnosed with MS years ago, I asked her if anyone had told her about this correlation.  She said no.  This is one of many instances that I have come across of knowledge being well discussed in literature, but the doctors are either not following suit, or not educating their patients enough.

Therefore, two takeaways I have for you if you have a condition, particularly like MS or another autoimmune disorder:

  1. Research the condition yourself.  The doctors may not tell you everything.  It will also help you to know more questions to ask your doctor during visits.
  2. Find the specialist that works on your condition.  Do not just stick with your Primary Care Physician.  The specialist is usually more knowledgeable and provides more options for testing and addressing the condition.