One aspect of lowering blood pressure you may be missing is decreasing histamine.

If you have a sensitive digestive system, or an autoimmune condition (which is often related to impaired digestive function), you may not degrade histamine as well in your digestive tract. This can lead to histamine intolerance, which can lead to high blood pressure.

I have seen a number of individuals with autoimmune conditions who were refractory to their doctor’s usual blood pressure treatments. Most of them also had noticeable anxiety. Their anxiety and digestive function were not being well addressed.

If I think histamine may be an issue for my client, I provide strong supplemental support to help them degrade histamine. This has decreased blood pressure for some of my clients, and is synergistic with other strategies we implement.  Note: Not the same as OTC anti-histamines

Who this may work for:
You may be able to lower your blood pressure by degrading histamine if you also struggle with 1) Chronic digestive distress and/or 2) Anxiety: Stress can increase blood pressure. Additionally, the digestive system and the mind can impact each other. If no digestive distress is obvious, I often use the finding of anxiety as a clue.

The other issue your doctor is likely not telling you about:
High blood pressure is a top risk factor in the US for kidney damage. Most doctors do not inform their patients of declining kidney function until they reach later stages, and they find themselves upset that they were not told earlier.

Keeping blood pressure under control can help to prevent kidney damage.

Guess what? I help clients lower blood pressure, as well as preserve and improve kidney function. 🙂

There is often still potential for improvement and preservation even at later stages of kidney function. But the earlier you start to work on it, the greater the chances, the more time you have to achieve that goal, and the less you stress about it.

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