I’ve had too many conversations with current and prospective clients saying their doctor told them ‘this will get better with x treament’ and it did not.  In fact, sometimes it got worse.  There seems to be no conversation from the doctor saying ‘this is first line of treatment, and if it doesn’t work, we will try this instead’ or ‘x % of people get better with this treatment.’  By the way, ‘first line of treatment’ rhetoric is how we were taught in Naturopathic medical school when it came to pharmacology.

Yet, people believe them and throw all types of money at someone who may not be as competent as is assumed when it comes to their body and their condition.  And when it doesn’t go how the doctor so confidently said it would, then they look for something else.

Someone giving you 100% confidence alleviates anxiety.  One thing I know about anxiety is that the more you have of it, the more you tend to like structure and certainty.  That is what doctors often easily give you….verbally.  It doesn’t always work that way in terms of what actually happens.

Yet because society has been so mentally hard-wired to trust ‘confidence’ over actuality, there is a tendency to dive right in whenever we get that verbal confidence instead of digging deeper.  Just going by what the doctor says is not always the best approach.  People can get very frustrated and just walk away from their doctors overtime if absolute statements do not measure up to results.

This is why I encourage you to rely more on high probability vs 100% confidence.

I typically provide my clients options, discuss how the healing journey can take multiple turns, and that I am here to help navigate those turns.  In other words, I give a more visible view to them of what I am thinking that many other doctors just don’t do.  I work with my clients while they are also working with their other doctors, and I often find myself teaching them how to better advocate for themselves with their doctors.

Healing can sometimes be like going through your own unique forest.  Your forest may be similar in some ways to others, but it typically has its differences as well.  I navigate new forests for each of my clients.

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