Doctors and other health professionals may tell you about diet and lifestyle changes, detox, and epigenetic therapies via nutritional supplements, sauna, various injections, etc. But have they ever told you they were also working to petition or lobby for toxins to be removed from society or taught you how to contribute to these movements? I have and here’s how:

Go to (Environmental Working Group) and sign up for their email list. They will regularly send you info about toxins and where to petition to remove them from the environment.

This is part of collective healing and health.

Some doctors may tell you things like, ‘if YOU would just lose weight your health problems would resolve’ or ‘if YOU just get your blood pressure down, you would save your kidneys.’ While these can be valid points, they are not always the whole story. Not everything is your fault.

If these toxins were not in our environment, there is a chance you would not have to work as hard at becoming or staying healthy. There is a chance you may not have incurred a chronic health problem in the first place.

So go to, sign up for their email list, and start signing those petitions. Please share this post.


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