“Just eat it, that little bit is not going to do you anything.”

“Oh live a little”

“You need to put some meat on your bones”

“Oh you eat healthy. Is that how you stay so skiiiinnny?” – Yes they draw out the ‘skinny’ word just like that.

“You’re putting that and that together for a meal? That’s weird.”

When I didn’t want to drink at a small gathering at a bar, the man in the group who was buying drinks for everyone started slapping $100 bills on the table and repeatedly telling (not asking) me to get a drink. Yes drinking is what many do at a bar, but I usually get water or just don’t drink. I’m there for the socializing.

When I asked my friend at a party what he was drinking (just because I was making conversation and was curious), he lied with a smirk on his face and said, “Water, want some?” I knew it wasn’t water.

All of these are examples of peer pressure I have heard from adults, many being from family and friends, which made it worse for me. Comments like these, in addition to the second-to-second challenges that can come with altering your dietary choices, can make changing your lifestyle habits more difficult. But these comments are not uncommon. You are not alone in your journey. Many are taking the same path. And succeeding is worth it.