I have a number of clients who have hypertension, or high blood pressure. They see me for natural alternatives while simultaneously still seeing their MD who prescribes them medications. This dynamic is possible and actually quite common. A couple have told me how their blood pressure fluctuated from being well controlled to being too high because their doctor changed the medication.

If this happens, do not wait for a whole month until your next visit with your doctor to tell them that the switch in medications is not working. Be vocal and communicate. Uncontrolled hypertension negatively impacts the kidneys and puts one at risk for chronic kidney disease. Hypertension that is well controlled, all the time, reduces that risk. Call your doctor or send them a private message in their online portal you have signed up for and tell them what is going on so you can come to a resolution that will get you through the month better controlled until your next visit.

Yes, even as a Naturopathic doctor, sometimes I teach my clients how to get better care simultaneously through conventional medicine.