The Detox Series will show you how to enhance your body’s ability to detox gently and effectively all year in order to obtain and maintain long-term health.

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Foods – We will discuss foods to consume and avoid for nutrition, anti-inflammation, protection, and healing.

Herbs supporting detox – We will discuss herbs that can be taken to support the cleansing process.

Air, water, home – There are a number of chemicals in the air that can create health problems extending beyond the respiratory system, including cognitive function and heart disease. Learn to reduce pollution in the air you breathe.

There are different types of water that we have access to drink. Some are quite polluted. Others are too filtered to where they now lack minerals vital to our health. Learn which type of water is better to drink and how to add back in your own minerals.

Americans use a number of chemical-based products in the home. These products come into contact with our respiratory system and can be absorbed by our skin when we inhale or touch them. When this happens, they have access to our blood stream, and thus the rest of our body. Learn to reduce the toxic load coming from these sources by reducing your use or switching to less-toxic brands suggested in this class.

Hair and skin – What we put on hair gets absorbed into our bodies, even if we think we wash them out. Likewise, the skin is an organ that absorbs whatever we place on it as well. Certain ingredients contained in many hair and skin products can alter hormones, cause dandruff, and ironically be an obstacle to smooth skin. Learn more about some of these chemicals and alternative products to use.

Detox Series