A top cause of kidney disease is Diabetes. Once the kidneys reach a certain stage of damage and scarring, controlling Diabetes does not stop the progression of kidney disease. This is why controlling Diabetes from the beginning and onward is so important for prevention of kidney disease. There should not be good periods and bad periods, highs and lows – and certainly no bad periods for months at a time. Controlling Diabetes every day is essential for your kidneys.

Another factor contributing to kidney disease is excess weight in the midst of Diabetes. Fat tissue releases cytokines and free fatty acids in the body, which can increase insulin resistance, hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), and cardiovascular disease. Free fatty acids can negatively affect the kidney, contributing to diabetic proteinuria (protein in the urine due to diabetes).

Free fatty acids are not to be confused with Essential Fatty Acids / EFAs / Omega 3s, which are anti-inflammatory and helpful to the body.

So what are a couple ways to lose weight that perhaps you do not think about as often?

-Doing a cleanse. Sometimes it is difficult to lose weight because we have toxins in our system inhibiting the process. A cleanse can give your body (and mind) the jump start it needs.

-Sleeping better. Sleeping at least a solid 6.5 hours per day (8 is better) and addressing any troubles you have sleeping are vital for weight loss and healthy functioning of your entire body.

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