High blood pressure, high blood sugar? Pay attention!

I have received too many calls over the years from people with low kidney function who did not find out about it until later stages. Some of those reasons are:

-The doctors are not telling them 🤫
-The doctors are telling them but brushing it off by saying ‘it’s not that bad’ or ‘your kidney function is a bit low but we will keep monitoring it’ without really helping them understand the total picture 😑
-Not enough doctors are informing those with high blood pressure, high blood sugar and other risk factors with a great enough emphasis that they need to take care of their risk factors to avoid kidney damage. There are a lot of people with uncontrolled high blood pressure, and when some of them come to me with low kidney function, they don’t even know that high blood pressure was most likely the cause of their kidney damage. 😮

The indirectness of the first two points is most likely stemming from the idea of dialysis being the main option, and not much in between.

It does not have to be this way.

I help stabilize and improve kidney function, provide kidney protection for clients with risk factors, and reduce the risk factors (I.e. lower the blood pressure, lower the blood sugar, reduce the damage stemming from an underlying autoimmune disorder).

I have helped clients lower their blood pressure further when their medications would only help take them so far but it was still high.

Due to the numerous similar calls I have received, I am also an advocate for people understanding the basics of how to monitor their own kidney function. This is important so that you can be made aware more quickly at an earlier stage if you are showing signs of kidney damage. With that information, plus the work I would do with you, you can extend your kidney function much longer and maintain the quality of life you are looking for. 😁😁😁

This Free e-book teaches you how to monitor your own kidney function through routine labs. I highly encourage you to be proactive with your health by clicking HERE to obtain your free copy today!

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