I was born in one place and raised in another, so my family and I would take the drive several times over the years.  I had a new obstacle with this once I started having digestive issues and food sensitivities.  I had to read labels and take time to figure out what I could eat.  I’d like to provide those options here:


Ideal –

  • Bring your own snacks and drinks, and a cooler.
  • Bring your own non-dairy creamer powder (you can usually find a coconut based one if you live in a major city) and healthier sweetener if you like to get coffee on the road.


Gas station –

  • Fruit – Look for the fresh fruit. It is usually near the cashier.  Not all gas stations have this but some do.
  • Chips – If you want chips, only purchase plain flavors. Once you start getting into flavored chips, expect another 7-15 ingredients on the label that you don’t know much about.  But even with plain chips, look for the ones that have only about 3 ingredients (potatoes, oil, salt).  Some of the different brands of chips you can find on the road can be unfamiliar to you and can have weird ingredients even when they are just plain.  Some of you may need to further avoid peanut oil as well.
  • Nuts and seeds – Get them raw. Salted would be second choice.  Avoid any other flavors.
  • Trail mix – Most of them have added sugar so try to find one that doesn’t have added sugar or other preservatives.
  • Nutrition bars – Avoid the ones with dairy or whey. If you are gluten sensitive, avoid the ones with gluten.  There are only usually about 2-3 brands that avoid both.


Fast food spots –

  • Don’t go, or just get a salad. Choose the vinaigrette dressing, or bring your own.


Hotel –

  • Be picky based on everything mentioned above for gas stations and food spots. If you need to, go to nearby grocery store or restaurants so you can get what you really need to stick to your goals.


Take the time on a few of your next trips to figure out your go-to’s.  You’ll get faster later.  Put in the effort that you didn’t have to put in before.  It will pay off.  Travel does not have to be an obstacle for your health.