This week is one that may contain anxiety, anger, frustration, and/or tension for many.  So this week’s posts will be about ways to manage feelings like these.

Convolvulus pluricaulis (also known as Morning Glory or Bindweed)

  • Enhances brain powder, improves memory, concentration, and ability to recall. Helpful for sleeplessness, stress, mental debility or sensitivity, nervousness, obsessive tendencies, and aggressiveness
  • Digestive stimulant
  • Adaptogenic – helps the body adapt to stress

This herb is in one of the formulas I use occasionally with my clients who have high blood pressure.  High blood pressure can be contributed to from many sources, including poor digestion and emotional stress.  This herb stuck out to me due to its ability to help with aggressiveness.  But it is also helpful for certain mental disorders or struggles, and nervousness, which involves the nervous system.  Sometimes, the intensity of our emotions can come from underlying conditions or imbalanced internal systems that we are not aware of.  Sometimes, our emotions are completely and uniquely valid, and so are our actions.

We may view flowers as delicate, but I have come to appreciate their great and beautiful capability to soften a person, soften what they are going through, and help remind us that there is so much more to life than what we are focused on within the ‘human world.’  This week, consider buying some flowers and placing them in a vase in your kitchen, or in a room that you will be in a lot this week.  Even though many store-bought flowers do not have as strong of a scent as they used to, still smell them too, as the scents of plants can appeal to parts of our brain that have to do with how we process our emotions – this is one huge strength of essential oils.

This can be a tip for both males and females.  Human beings may have both masculine and feminine traits regardless of genotype or phenotype, and issues can arise when these are not both attended to and cared for within an individual.  Having feminine traits does not reduce one’s ability to be masculine.  And being masculine needs to be well understood in order to operate in that space from a place of balance.  As a woman who operates from both masculine and feminine spaces within herself, I appreciate having been introduced to this concept.

Are you able to get those tv stations near the 800s where it’s all music?  There is one called Soundscapes.  I had this on yesterday, and it helped me to begin my day so peacefully.  I felt like I was in a meditative space the whole morning (but still able to focus on my work).  When the tension is high, consider playing this until you are able to return back to a more stable space within yourself.

Stay safe, take care of yourself, and love yourself this week.

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