Some of you may be having a hard time sleeping this week.  I would first like to say that if you are not actively contributing to the voting process at this point, if all is well in your home right now, focus on the fact that all is well.  Focus on the fact that you can lock your door, turn on your alarm, turn off the tv and music, have silence, and no one bothers you this night.  This is a safe environment and one conducive to rest.

Valerian is an herb that has been used for restlessness, emotional stress, trouble sleeping, anxiety, nervous palpitations, nervous irritation, and gastrointestinal cramping.  It can be a quite relaxing herb to take at this time.

Stop watching the news and looking at things on your phone about 2 hours before you go to bed.  This allows your body the time it needs to calm down so that you can more quickly go to sleep once you lie down.

Lastly, consider calming apps or intentionally calming music.  Sound therapy is real and quite therapeutic, especially when you cannot get your mind to shift from what is currently consuming it.  If you go to YouTube and do a search for ‘frequency music anxiety,’ you will find several pieces of music recorded at certain frequencies designed to calm the mind.

Take care of yourself this week.

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