Today I’d like to take the phrase ‘what went well today’ a bit further.  This is a longer post but bear with me as I get to my point towards the end 🙂

One of the things I did not like about the 2016 election and the past 4 years is how Americans gravitated towards controversy, and what and who was popularly discussed or created the most commotion, whether it was good or bad discussion.

As a business owner, I am aware that one of the things that helps get your name out there is content.  Some of the entrepreneurs reading this have heard the phrase ‘content is king.’  The sheer mentioning of you, your brand, your product, etc. over and over will entice people to overtime pay attention and consider working with you or purchasing from you.

Today I had a conversation with a man of the baby boomer generation who recalled the beginning of news tv stations that only showed news all day long, and how very few thought that was going to be a successful idea.  I was explaining to him how you can repeat content and it still be fruitful, because not everyone is going to see every post you make.  He agreed and said that television stations have been knowing this strategy for a long time.

Exposure, content, controversy, and false confidence draws attention, which draws popularity, which also draws attention, and then enhances ratings. But controversy, false confidence and popularity should never make us become tunnel vision on the source (person, organization, team, etc.) of those things.

By tunnel vision, in this post I am particularly referring to conversation.  By only talking about what you don’t want, you do not give listeners a better option to choose, and thus they may without realizing it, focus on just that, and their various insecurities (issues with power, popularity, belonging, acceptance, warped fears or worries, etc.) can subconsciously enhance their decision to adopt it.  When a parent says to a mischievous or highly curious child something like, “don’t ride in the street,” what they may focus on is something about riding in the street.  One thing that may work better is giving them an alternative instead or in addition, such as “how about we go dirt bike riding in the park right outside the city? It’s a huge area with a lot of hills and you can go faster there than in the neighborhood.”  That’s way more appealing to many kids!

You may be in a profession or position that comes with a lot of competition, and some of you may have decided in some way to utilize your competitor’s methods while also pushing your own brand.  For instance, you may use their name in an article but also use your own.  Thus, you bridge on their popularity to draw attention to yourself and then sell your own thing, and then your own popularity increases.

Too many people throughout this country upsettingly discussed the president without giving and following up on alternatives in the same conversation, in every single conversation.  This in my opinion, is how controversy and popularity, partly (clearly there were other influences), successfully appealed to many – because it was an unmanaged spread of exposure of one thing.

Instead of only verbalizing the name of who you do not want in office, you can also discuss who you do want in office and why, at the executive, legislative, judicial, federal, state, and local levels.

Instead of only verbalizing the name of who you do not want in office, you can also discuss grassroots and business efforts that can help you to overcome the situation.

This is where the ‘what went well’ phrase comes in for YOU.

Everything I have said you can implement on your own mind.

  • Instead of only talking about what’s going wrong, you can additionally discuss what’s going right.
  • Instead of only talking about what’s going wrong, you can additionally consistently take action that will create change.
  • Instead of only talking about what you don’t like, you can additionally discuss what you do like, or start trying different things to figure out what you like without letting the possible failures along the way get you down to the point of not continuing.  Please continue.

This is important to manage how your brain is processing life, helps keep your cortisol hormone from elevating due to stress, and thus reduces chronic inflammation, chronic disease, anxiety, depression, irritability, mood swings, and destructive compensatory behaviors, such as overeating, over-shopping, excessive smoking or drinking, overworking, etc.

Take care of yourself this week, and consider using what I have said here in your conversations going forward to change this world for the better.

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