Learn from Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Devin Miles, ND, and Aromatherapist and Yoga instructor, Dr. Svitlana Ramer, PhD, RYT 200, who combine their unique expertise to share simple yet powerful holistic self-care rituals for women. Dedicated to the International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8th, this workshop will combine theoretical information on various areas of holistic self-care as well as practical recommendations and tools for implementing self-care rituals in your daily routine.

The workshop will include:

– Philosophy and science behind self-care

– Research based holistic self-care tips in various areas of life (detox, hormonal balance and cycle syncing, emotional and mood management, rest and stress management, nutrition, conscious movement, etc)

– Discussion of the benefits of holistic self-care and prevention over reactive healthcare with pharmaceuticals

– Self-care bundle to take home with you and jump start your holistic self-care journey

– Opportunity of individual consultations with Drs. Miles and Ramer

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Holistic Self-Care