A lot of men hate going to see a doctor and prefer to wait until things are REALLY bad (like the last stage of any illness) or they are in serious pain. Up until that point, they have been trained to think that they can, and should, ‘handle it.’ And up until that point, ‘doctors don’t actually know what they are doing, make matters worse or complicated by medications, or are really just trying to take your money.’

There are times where the ‘handle it’ thinking works out, and many times when it does not. When it comes to health, treating everything with the same logic that you do an ankle sprain or a broken pinky is not going to work. The reason it is not going to work is that it is approximately 85% HIGHLY likely that your knowledge base is no longer thorough enough to best take care of yourself in this modern world of chronic illnesses. I’ve listened to enough men to state that.

When it comes to prevention, MDs conduct physical exams and screenings, as well as quickly encourage you to eat a healthy diet. This is important, but there are multiple steps before that to optimize the ‘prevention’ model. You probably know someone who was healthy 10 years ago, and is no longer healthy, or alive, today. In recent YouTube video, I mentioned the educational gap that exists between those two time periods.

Times have changed, and just like you read the news and study investments to keep up to date on the world and where to put your money, it is now time to get updated on how to ‘handle’ your body. I and other Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are the natural medicine experts who teach you and put the power in your hands to better take of yourself, on your own, long term, so that you can more effectively keep doing the same thing you’ve always done – avoid the doctor.