Saying there is no evidence-based medicine (i.e. no research) on the efficacy of natural therapies to address simple to complex conditions can be a distractive false statement.

I have seen a ton of research. It is not only there, but it has BEEN there. Some of the research I have personally found dated back to the early 90s. And I’m sure it goes much further back than that. Yet it is still not being used in the conventional U.S. medical model.

Point: when someone tells you as a client that there is no research on a particular natural therapy, do not take them for face value. Do your own research through and online medical journals via your public library (where you can obtain full articles for free). And if you are the health care professional telling people there is no evidence, I encourage you to hold back from saying that and go research the topic yourself instead of just listening to what a person, association, or establishment says, especially in the US. You may be surprised.