Ezekiel bread and breads made from Spelt are Not gluten free.


While some people may not feel a difference, if you are truly sensitive to wheat or gluten, you will likely react to these foods.


When I learned about Ezekiel bread, I was already gluten free, I knew how I reacted to gluten, and I made a choice not to take a chance on Ezekiel bread based on reading the back label and seeing that it was not gluten free.


No matter how well marketed something looks on the front, always read the back for the actual ingredients. Be sure to pay attention to the spot below that too where it says ‘May contain: …” because that is a quick snapshot of the main allergenic foods the item contains.


I remove gluten out of the diets of many of my clients because I have consistently seen results from doing so.  I provide them a gluten free handout that discusses what gluten is, the various conditions it has been associated with, and a how-to guide on going gluten free on almost any food that would typically have gluten in it.


The main clients that I remove gluten from the diet for are those with digestive, mental and/or autoimmune issues.  I have even pulled it out of the diets of a few clients with high blood pressure and noticed changes here too, but usually these were cases where autoimmunity was also present.  I typically remove other specific hyper-allergenic foods along with gluten to more successfully bring down inflammation and help the body to get back to balance.