What you place on your skin, even if washed off, has the ability to be absorbed into your blood and affect your overall physical health.  Every once in a while I will try a new skin care product, so I recently tried one last week.  Within a couple days, I started experiencing extreme fatigue.  At one point I could barely keep my eyes open.  I fought through it, but it was too out of the blue for me to ignore.  I had 1-2 restless nights and was trying out a few new supplements at the same time, so I first had to figure out where the fatigue was coming from.

I thought back to when I tried a new body wash a few months ago.  It was supposed to be a gentle brand, just like this face wash, but I experienced extreme fatigue that also came out the blue.  Luckily around this time, the body wash was the only new thing I was trying at that time.  One of my friends brought to my attention that I was working a lot and maybe I just needed a rest. But through the years, I had experienced the fatigue from hard work enough to know something was different this time.  I stopped the body wash, and within days, my energy was restored.

Recalling this memory, I stopped the face wash and my energy was restored in 1 day.  The fatigue that I was fighting in the middle of the day carried over to giving me trouble sleeping.  Thus, I have been implementing steps that are helping me to regain a full good night’s rest.

When you have symptoms that just seem to come out of nowhere, I encourage you to track what have you done lately that is new, even if you thought it was minor.  Just because something is marketed as ‘gentle,’ ‘healthy,’ ‘natural,’ or even mostly ‘organic’ does not mean that you may not react to it.  You are an individual and it is important to find what works for you.

I as a naturopathic doctor often see clients who come to me for digestive issues but they often also experience poor energy and trouble sleeping.  One of the areas we may focus on beyond their digestive system is what they are putting on their hair and skin.  These products can affect your hormonal function and aggravate chronic illness.  Be sure to use products that are gentle, preferably all natural, and that you find work well for your skin, hair, and body.

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