If your mental and emotional health has been particularly challenging this week, keep in mind that we will have a full moon tonight.
This one is called a Buck Moon.
Emotional and mental challenges can heighten as a full moon approaches.
Women’s cycles can be particularly influenced by the moon.
Women’s cycles can be another influencer of their emotional state.
If you are having trouble this week, it may be wise for you to start paying attention to the moon more often.
Know that how you feel now may pass soon, as the moon starts to wane.  The moon is not an enemy. It’s just that we are out of touch sometimes with our long-standing relationship to it.
During heightened times of emotional and mental stress, do all the healthy coping, calming, and self-reflection habits that work for you, and/or start trying some new ones.  Pay attention to the messages that may be coming up for you. Cry, shout [not at people but just a venting shout when you are alone perhaps 🙂 ], punch on a punching bag, or do some extra exercise to get out the stress.  Consider sticking even closer to the diet that helps keep your body in balance.  Here is a great article about what a full moon can signify and how to address what comes up for you.