Have you noticed how many people get their gallbladder removed?  It is typically because they have an accumulation of gallstones.  Conventional medicine’s typical response to gallstones is to remove the gallbladder.  This can make a huge difference in a person’s life.  Other times, it can leave them with a new set of symptoms related to not absorbing certain nutrients.

There are multiple ways to help prevent gallstones and one of them is through the consumption of lecithin.  Lecithin is a substance found in multiple plant and animal sources, including egg yolks and soybeans (I do not encourage eating more soy because most of it is genetically modified and allergy promoting.  However non-GMO soy lecithin is a beneficial product I have used with clients).  Lecithin helps to prevent fatty buildup in the liver and keeps cholesterol solubilized to prevent gallstone formation.  It also may help to reduce cholesterol.  Consume lecithin with a significant amount of water for it to be most effective.

Lecithin also contains choline.  Choline can additionally be found in peanuts, beans, quinoa, and pistachios.  It can assist with memory and concentration.  It is neuroprotective and may help with brain damage.  It also helps a person sleep through light noises and other minimal disturbances.  Choline has been used in IV therapy for individuals with hepatitis.  It is liver protective and thus can be used with other conditions that affect the liver as well. Lecithin is one of the strategies I use for clients who are struggling with gallbladder concerns.  If you are seeking solutions for prevention or gastrointestinal issues, schedule an appointment by:

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