Many people have food cravings from time to time. Some people can have them all the time. Sometimes these cravings are so significant it is hard to not be essentially an addict of them. Yes, an addict. This is not to place guilt or shame on anyone, but to help others to be aware and to acknowledge for themselves the possible reality and severity of the situation. We do not place the same amount of attention on food addiction as we do on that of drugs and alcohol, because someone can still live a functional, productive, and financially affordable life while being addicted to food. But our bodies pay the cost and our mentalities struggle to evolve.

Here are a few reasons why people can become addicted to food, particularly carbohydrates:

  • Habits from family or others close to you
  • Situational or clinical depression, anxiety, or anger
  • Inability to mentally or emotionally cope
  • Weak digestion
  • Low adrenal function

Habits can be hard to break because it strays from what you deem as ‘normal.’ Straying from the norm can feel like you are going into a sea of nothingness, and you can be unsure of what to do without those habits. Stress can go higher when we avoid our habits because we have not fostered new healthier habits. That is why they say concentrate not on leaving the old but on building the new. Furthermore, sitting with that stress and becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable is also very important to adjusting.

Mood instability and mindsets that put one at risk for mood instability (such as perfectionism or feeling not enough) tend to provoke wanting comfort food, either to calm a person down or cheer them up. Quickly grabbing for comfort food in times of stress is most likely a learned behavior, a behavior that was never diverted by parents into something more constructive, or a behavior that was adopted due to lack of other coping mechanisms suitable to deal with one’s internal and external state. This is where nutrition, herbs, therapy, sometimes medications, and being socially connected to others in a trustworthy, close and frequent way can help create stability and evolution of self.

Ineffective digestion prevents one from absorbing all their nutrients and it is a physical stress to the system. Every cell in the body uses glucose – the basic molecule of carbohydrates – as a default to produce energy (unless you choose another source like fat, but that’s another discussion). If the body does not get what it needs, it can leave one feeling weak and wanting to eat to get more fuel.

Low adrenal function tends to create low blood sugar, which can then stimulate the desire for carbohydrates.

Taking control over food cravings is important for preventing a host of chronic diseases, including uncontrolled Diabetes, which can lead to kidney disease. I help my clients overcome food cravings by a few tips and tricks that they can do in the moment, as well as restoring adrenal function and soothing the nervous system overtime.

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