Long term stomach or constipation problems are not something to ignore in the total picture of your health.

From analyzing the family histories of my clients, I can say that although people may be sicker these days or incur chronic problems at younger ages, digestive issues tend to run in families.

I see it in the previous generations of my clients all the time.  However, the previous generation did not know much about how to handle it.  Thus, those individuals most likely suffered a silent suffering that you may never know the full extent of.

What that may have looked like to their children and spouses were a sensitive stomach and not so great attitude all the time.  Women may have not been the warmest of mothers.  Perhaps your parents also had food cravings – particularly for sweets – as well as mood instability, chronic worriers, or generally had lower energy than most.

If digestive issues or ‘sensitive stomachs’ run in your family’s history and you also have it, you may pass it on.  Without a proper framework of how to live best for your unique body, the generational suffering may continue. 

People with digestive issues can also have mood swings, brain fog, imbalanced hormones, food cravings, joint and muscle stiffness, and feel tired all the time.

But your story doesn’t have to be your mother’s or father’s or grandparents.’  When you are well, you can be a more loving and more present parent.

Do not just look after the health of your children.  Look after your own.

When it comes to generational health problems, when you look after your own health, you can pass on what worked for you.  As your children grow with an understanding of what to do for their unique body based on what you have taught them, it will make their lives much easier from a mental, emotional and physical standpoint.

This is a great way for you to leave a Legacy.

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