You may believe that a true sign of cure of your digestive issues is getting back to a place where you can eat whatever you want again. The reality is that some, or many of the foods you used to eat, and the way you used to eat (such as overeating), probably contributed to the digestive issues you experience now. In other words, something, or multiple things (for instance high stress, negative thinking tendencies, lack of sleep) about your lifestyle, became out of balance.

The process of healing digestive issues may require restriction of many foods for a while, and then overtime, there is the possibility of adding many of those foods back in. However, there may be some foods that never eating them again (or once every few months in very small amounts) is the best idea.

Reducing chronic stress, getting an adequate number of hours of sleep per night (8 is average, some may need 10, do not go lower than 6.5), and rewiring your thinking habits are often also part of the process. Medicinal herbs can make a pivotal difference in helping correct digestive imbalances as well.

The better solution is to not look for a cure the way you see it now, but to strive for homeostasis, which means bringing the body back into balance so that it functions optimally. Maintaining homeostasis is what you do after achieving homeostasis. This achieving and maintenance process is what health professionals are referring to when they say, “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.”