The United States is a prime example of what happens when colonial minded conquerors abuse and eliminate people to get land and access to specific bodies of water that they want.

They then abuse the land and water and withhold the best uses of the land, water, and intellect of the population, from their own people.

When this occurs, you have a well-fed but quite undernourished population because the nutrients are depleted in the soil and thus depleted in the food.

Undernourishment contributes to a wide variety of symptoms and conditions.  The medical system may not ever tell you that.  As many nutrients as we know today, many are underestimated, and there are likely several yet to be discovered that play a role in our health.

Insurance companies can make poor decisions with the medical system’s approved medications.  Example: a lady is fighting to stay on a particular medication for ADHD that has the most minimal side effect profile of all of the ADHD medications she has tried or learned about (she is in her 40s and only recently discovered this medication which has turned out to be a ‘wonder drug’ for her), but her current insurance company keeps denying coverage and wants her to keep trying ‘more popular’ medications that have proven time and time again to not work for her.

The population now residing in conquered land have hormonal imbalances due to endocrine disruptors all around them, and now they are even drinking endocrine disrupting plastic via the water.  Sometimes as humans seek to progress, they make mistakes, but conquerors will go as far as to ignore those mistakes for as long as they feel the need to maintain not only their power, but their and the population’s adapted conveniences.

You have cures that go undiscovered or are purposely hidden.  Not allowing certain people to lead – not be the analyst or just part of the team but actually be the lead (due to the color of their skin for instance) – means certain pathways to cure discoveries likely do not occur, and what could have been discovered 50 years ago, now has to wait another 500 years for another person to be born with the mindset that can mentally walk that pathway again to find the cure.

Because the ongoing group of leaders of your society not only conquered the land you now live on but has conquered or influenced the Earth outside of your land, rising water is causing your ‘vacation’ island spots elsewhere to go further and further underwater year by year.

You have a society that is 50-1000 years behind what it could be at any given time…and I think I am being modest even on this range.  Or even if it is ‘ahead’ in some ways, it is behind in worthy others.  Like the shifting of train tracks, there were choices made about what was going to be focused on and what was not.

A fast unfair win can lead to a slow centuries-long loss.

Colonial-minded abusive conquerors can put a lot of stress on their population, sometimes it is obvious and sometimes it is not – it can be taught from such a young age that the person is not in touch with who they are throughout most of their lives, or they have no idea the number of harmful mindsets they have that they just think are ‘normal.’  They do not realize that certain aspects of society they think are normal are negative variations within their specific society, and are not the case other places.

These underlying now internalized stressors can lead to poor mental, emotional and physical health.  This is one way how someone may suffer despite everything looking great on the outside.

I do not think everyone who is depressed is such due to just chemical imbalances.  Isolation can be a culprit.  But they can be depressed because, although they haven’t  yet consciously figured it out, they subconsciously know something is ‘wrong,’ something is missing, who they are in some way got suppressed very early on and maybe they are literally grieving for themselves, or what they could have been doing or experiencing with their lives instead.  But in the argument of chemical imbalances, consider what I said about unknown or unrecognized nutrients that have been depleted.

Consider that it is not unlikely that some of you, your kids, or your loved ones are suffering with a chronic condition, terminally ill, or have transitioned away from this planet due to the continuation of the mindsets of the foundations of the USA.  If you knew that for sure, how would you think differently about the media, and all the people and powers you currently trust for valid information?  Not everything is ‘we didn’t know then what we know now.’  There are things we know, but also things we can just sense.

The numerous amount of material acquired to build the large beautiful buildings of this nation have not prevented the occurrences I have listed here.  The ‘best people’ of many business settings are not always actually the best.  They are best in the setting of centuries of oppression.  But even if some of them are ‘the best,’ chances are they could be better.

Knowing what I have written here, it is an unfortunate and suspicious thing when a Naturopathic doctor, Functional medicine doctor, any other health professional incorporating natural ways of healing, or any organization helping to run specific divisions of this work, is also still prejudice.  Though I can relate to certain mindsets having a stronghold on any of us, this is a push for those health professionals reading this to make it a priority to work on that, starting today.  But some do not want to and that is a problem.  There are certain aspects of many humans that are not welcomed in the workplace in order to promote groups of people being able to successfully work together, and prejudice needs to increasingly be treated as such, in small and large businesses.  If any person finds themselves discriminated against by any health professional, report it where you can, and then leave that doctor.  Get a second opinion, and get third and fourth opinions if needed.

When there is injustice to a people of the land, these are the things that can follow when those who are okay with the injustice continue to hold the power.  No matter how long this has been the case, no matter how long they wrote about it in advance, this can be changed in a fraction of the time to create a more harmonious and healthy environment.