If you are addicted to anything, it is imperative that you are aware of the behaviors and tendencies you have that are relevant to addiction.  Just because you give up the ‘thing’ you were addicted does not mean that you won’t find another thing to become addicted to, such as sugary drinks.  I have seen where a person can stop smoking and then start drinking large amounts of sugary drinks.  The root has not been uplifted.  The ‘not enough’ feeling has not been quelched.


Sometimes, instead of sugary drinks, that ‘thing’ may next time be a person.  This experience may help you to realize just how harmful addiction can be.  It’s a bit easier to be living by yourself and abuse or overuse something that is considered lifeless and without feelings, such as alcohol, because it does not talk.  It does not cry.  But when you regularly see the quality of life of a person you are addicted to start to dwindle, maybe that will shed further light onto the tentacles of the problem.


For this reason, I do not think it is wise for people to overcome addiction alone.  They need to go to solo and/or group therapy.  They need to hear others’ stories.  They need to be aware of behavioral trends/roots and uproot those instead of just being focused on ditching one substance.


When it comes to being addicted to food, various things can help:

  • Adaptogenic herbs
  • Flower essences and herbs to help balance the emotions
  • Proper sleep
  • A diet better balanced with protein, fat, fiber, water, and reduction of processed carbs
  • Better life coping skills that can be learned via therapy, meditation, yoga, books, etc.
  • Leaving situations not good for you, such as a stressful job. If you notice your appetite is smaller when you go on vacation, this may be an indication that you eat due to stress.


There are Naturopathic doctors who focus on various types of addictions, through not only counseling but also nutrition (such as nutrient IVs).  They may use herbs and acupuncture as well (Licensed acupuncturists are a great option for acupuncture and Chinese herbs specifically).  I encourage you to additionally seek these kinds of support if you are struggling.