There is too much you can be doing with the resources you have now, along the way towards your goals to take care of your health, than for you to be having this kind of a mindset.

There are one too many diseases that the current standard medical model cannot guarantee a 100% fix for, for you to be having this mindset.

And do you truly know who the ‘best doctors’ are, for this mindset to even work? Or for it to work for whatever you disease you may have later on? Will you have the time to figure that out?

Here’s the reality. MDs do not have a lot of training in nutrition at this point, nor do they have a broad enough understanding of the many causes and solutions for inflammation or an over-reactive or under-active immune system, which is a deeper reason for many illnesses. They are well trained in anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmaceutical drugs; research, association guidelines, and state of art equipment for their specialty; and surgery. There can be more, but those are the big ones. Sometimes, that may in fact be what you need. But many times, those things MDs are not knowledgeable on are paramount to your well-being and your healing.

Educating yourself and having individuals well-versed in these subjects (nutrition, herbal medicine, environmental medicine and detox, causes of inflammation and imbalances in the immune system, hormones, and neurotransmitters, mental and emotional processing, etc.) to help you is worth investigating. Even if you can’t afford someone to help you right now, you’re already starting by reading this article. Continue to read many articles, books, etc. Look at the food you eat, the drinks you drink, the water you drink, the air you breathe, the people you surround yourself with, how much sleep you get and if you sleep well through the night (so underestimated by the way; make this a big deal), the habits you have, whether or not you exercise, and how you handle your thoughts and emotions.

One piece of warning, that may or may not happen to you: When I see people learn it for themselves, sometimes they are not organized with the knowledge they’ve gained, may find it difficult to decipher opposing opinions, and can get overwhelmed, or overwhelm others. So once you’re able to afford professional help, I highly recommend it. There is a LOT of knowledge out there. Professionals within the fields of natural medicine and mental and emotional health are here to guide you.

Create a plan that works for this time in your life (yes exercise should be part of that, but don’t rely on that as the only thing you do for health. It’s not bulletproof.). As time goes on, edit and improve it.