The short answer is no. One healing therapy that is underrated in our American society is fasting. Whenever you skip a meal and go several hours without eating, you are fasting. Fasting promotes detoxification, reduces inflammation, rests the digestive system, improves the immune system, reverses illness, optimizes health, promotes mental clarity, and can improve your spiritual life, among others. I encourage you to research fasting to learn more. This article is more for those who go without 1-2 meals or skip 1-2 days worth of eating per week. For longer fasts, more education and supervision is suggested.

When people skip one meal, sometimes they can feel ‘weak’ or feel like they are ‘starving.’ You are nowhere near true starvation. I wish well-fed people didn’t use this term so loosely. The weakness is the diversion of energy within the body to work on other things. If you regularly skipped a particular meal, like breakfast, your body would eventually get used to it and the weakness would subside.

I’d like you to read a recent article I posted: I barely eat anything and I still can’t lose weight. Why?

You may not have a weight problem, but it will help you to begin to understand how regularly skipping meals can be done in a healthy manner.

Drinking water in the midst of not eating is something I’d still suggest, as many people do not drink enough water and are usually dehydrated. Water will help promote detoxification while you are not eating. However, there is such a thing as dry fasting, and there are health benefits to it as well. Do your research before you try this.