People ask me this question a lot when I’m giving talks, especially when it comes to herbs.  My response is the one you will stick to and/or the one you prefer.

For instance, if told you to make a tea every day that would require 5-20 minutes of your time, would you do it?  Every day?

If I asked you to drink a small amount (about 30-60 drops, MUCH less than a shot glass) of liquid that tasted very ‘herbal’ or somewhat like dirt but that would help you feel ten times better than you have felt in months, would you do it?  Sometimes the liquids and powders are tasty, but not always.

If I asked you to get your hands and body involved in your therapy by setting up and applying something topically to your stomach to ease your digestive issues and lay like that for 30 minutes per day, for 5-7 days per week, would you do it?

Sometimes, people come to me with an ‘anti-pill’ mindset, which I think stems from an unpleasant history, observation, or belief system regarding pharmaceutical medications.  But supplements can come in pill form too.  What people discard when they become anti-pill is its ease, convenience, and subsequent benefit of helping you stay consistent, especially when you use a weekly or daily pill box.  The words ‘pill box’ probably just triggered and turned off some of my readers, but bear with me. 😊

When there are lot of pills to take, it can become overwhelming for some, and the pills may need to be spaced out in order to not cause an upset stomach.  However, there is a fun fact people may not think about regarding supplements in two-part capsules.  You can open the capsule (twisting and pulling the two sides apart is how I do it), pour out the contents into a liquid and drink it.  Depending on what is inside, it may not taste so great, but the point is you can consume the capsule contents in a different way (lemon or lime juice is good for this).  You may also find this easier on your stomach.  Don’t do this for something like a capsule containing peppermint oil though.  In this case, I suggest swallowing the capsule whole.

Sometimes, carrying around liquids or powders to and from wherever you go can feel like a tiny addition to your to-do list.  I am not saying that to stray anyone away from doing so because I’ve done it several times; you just have to do a little prep work and it’s fine.  But you then have to ask yourself if you are the type of person that will commit to doing that, or will you forget at least half the week.

To conclude, if you are anti-pill, first figure out where this is coming from and assess what you are really ‘anti’ to.  If you still are anti-pill, then decide if you will put in the work or tolerate a slight not so tasty liquid or powder, every day, to achieve the results you desire.

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