While I disagree with a doctor waiting until someone’s GFR drops below 60 to tell them they have a decline in kidney function (I think it should be said whenever it drops below 90), an even more disturbing issue is also occurring.


I started working with a new client who has two top chronic risk factors for kidney damage: high blood sugar and high blood pressure, both of which she is on medications for and has been for years.  People who have high blood pressure and high blood sugar are likely seeing their doctors more often than those without a chronic condition.


The medical community sometimes assumes that a GFR above 60 may be normal, but it is well accepted that below 60 is a problem.  This new client just found out for the first time last year that her kidney function was low, at a GFR of 29.


This client is also Black, and it is well known that there have been several situations of racial discrimination within the medical field towards Black patients.  This has also been found to be the case when it comes to kidney health.


Not only has this person faced the injustices of the medical system done to so many with compromised kidney health at large (all genders and ethnicities), they may have also faced medical racism.


The delayed informing of kidney function decline seems intentional in the medical field and is furtherly disturbing when the medical field simultaneously does not offer much to facilitate kidney recovery, or if they do, it is not being commonly used and/or is not commonly successful.  Doctors get compensated when they refer for dialysis.  Dialysis is often continued for the rest of a person’s life.


This is why I have become an advocate for teaching people how to monitor their own kidney function.  I encourage you to download my free handout, ‘Monitoring Your Own Kidney Function.’


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29 is obviously low, yet I have worked with clients who have even lower function and helped them to increase it.  But once in the 20s, that is especially not a time to delay seeking help any longer.  Kidney function can unfortunately decrease month to month.  Any doctor or system that is only monitoring your kidneys every 6 months or so + the setting of obviously low kidney function + while seeing it continuously decline –> is demonstrating that they do not offer the best options for your recovery.


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