Fighting food cravings can prompt the creation of different coping mechanisms and I’d like to share one with you today.

There is a particular area of town where there are two spots that serve food that I like but that is obviously not good for me.  In the past, my cravings were so strong that if I was ever in that area, I was definitely going to one of them, like I was on autopilot, without question.

But the last time I went, I thought to myself, “I’m actually not craving these foods today.”  I still drove over to one of them and sat in the parking lot for about 5 minutes.  This was right after I ate lunch by the way.  After that 5 minutes, I did not get the food, and I drove off.

When you decide not to buy the food and instead drive off, that is such a proud moment.  I want you to know that if you have to sit in a parking lot for 5-20 minutes, it is not a waste of time.  You are fighting something.

There may be times when you decide to fight and you may lose, but that is not a waste of time either.  Keep trying, because one day you may just win.  You will then have saved yourself a lot of time in the future and potentially give back to yourself years of great health.

I often alter the diet of my clients, and food cravings can be an obstacle to them sticking to the new diet and achieving their overall goals.  Stress and emotional struggles, lack of sleep, and compromised adrenal function are a few examples of issues that can lead to food cravings.  Once I figure out which one it is for each client, I can help them to overcome the cravings.

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