Many social media posts are mentioning comments such as, “if you love yourself, you will treat your body well.” I do not think it is always the case that people do not love themselves and this is what drives them to eat, drink, or inject things into themselves that are harmful to their bodies. Other reasons could be:

  • Lack of awareness of what is a better option
  • Habit, or adopting your family’s patterns
  • Predisposition for addiction
  • Underlying mental health condition such as anxiety or depression that you are not fully aware of and you perhaps unknowingly self-medicate with food, drinks, and/or injectables
  • Lack of other coping mechanisms or not putting in much effort to create and strengthen other coping mechanisms

We can sometimes be very down on ourselves, and we just want something to comfort us or boost our mood. This is where food can come in. But it is not the act of eating unhealthy that shows we do not love ourselves. However, the part that comes before that (when we are too hard on ourselves or when we get down) is the part that may be too severe for some of us to handle. The sensation that can come from this can be so uncomfortable to the point that we need “relief.” Biochemical and emotional struggles may make it difficult to easily exercise will power.

However, there are other times that we just do not want to exercise self-control. Food is one area of our lives where we often have complete control in a world that can make us feel like we do not have the amount of control that we may want. Food is one area of our lives where there is often freedom of choice. When someone (or your body) informs you that what you are eating is harmful to your health, especially if it is your own child, there is a chance you may get ‘defensive.’ But think about that for a moment….why are you getting defensive over food? Of all the things in this world to be defensive about, food?

Just because you can exercise freedom and control in a certain area of life, it doesn’t mean it’s always the best idea to do so if your choices are not conducive to positive outcomes. This can affect your health, the health of your descendants, your personal and professional relationships, the environment, and of course, your finances to name a few. So even if it’s just you and yourself in your home, realize that you probably still have more ripple effects than you think.

Take-home message: When you have control and freedom, still make wise choices.

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