The #1 reason this question is being asked so much lately is not being acknowledged. That reason is because natural medicine is proving to be effective. It is working. Furthermore, it is doing this in an environment where clients are increasingly becoming discouraged with the lack of results or further decline when trying the modern medical model.

The presence and importance of evidence based medicine the way it is done today is a very young concept compared to the existence of natural medicine, which has been used in multiple ways worldwide, and is a key reason for human survival throughout the millennia; not double-blind placebo controlled studies, which by the way are how all of the pharmaceutical drugs have been approved.

Do I think there is balance to both sides? Yes. For it is through science that we understand what a menstrual cycle and menses is, and perhaps thus not the smartest idea to cast out women from their communities while they are on their menses. It is through science and critical thinking that we have discarded old destructive traditions that undermine and manipulate human beings. And it is through science that we will continue to prove just how well natural medicine works.

When I have searched for evidence based natural medicine through, I often find what I am looking for. Not only do I find it, but I find it documented in journals across the world, and I find it dated several years back, such as the 1970s. Thus, it was probably just ignored.

So if you are asking the question, is natural medicine evidence based, here is my answer/question to you (and the one I’d encourage clients to ask their physicians if they say there is no evidence for a particular natural substance): Have you looked?