Recently, two men with clinical hypertension told me that their blood pressure went up after watching Trump. This is a clear example of how emotional stress affects physical health.

This is an issue. We will probably see a rise in, or increased aggravations of, many illnesses during this presidency, and it just started. So you have to make choices for your well-being, and in this case, I mean incorporating stress management techniques. Here are some ideas for you (not in any particular order):

-Don’t watch (which I am not advocating for the entire US population, because then we would be ignorant and easily ruled. It’s just for some)

-Don’t watch at night before bed – particular helpful for those having trouble sleeping

-Don’t watch for so long – perhaps keep it to just 30-45 min, or less

-Consider reading about it versus watching it on TV. It can help reduce the emotional effects of it.

-Avoid heated political conversations with others, or know when you have to cut it off

-Slow deep abdominal breaths for at least 2 minutes per day

-Go for a walk or jog, or play a sport

-Do something fun or relaxing

-Practices: Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation

In terms of prevention, even if you do not have a clinical condition, please note that one of the many contributing factors to the onset and persistence of short and long-term conditions is stress. Thus, managing your stress even when you are healthy is paramount to staying healthy.