I recently received a report from one of my clients who has Stage 4 Kidney disease.  In one month of working with me, his kidney function increased from a GFR of 17 to 21.  Stage 4 Kidney Disease means that your Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) is between 15-29.  This means that my client was very close to Stage 5 Kidney Disease, which is considered renal failure.

By the time someone reaches Stage 4 Kidney Disease, doctors are usually speaking to them about dialysis.  The reality is that if you step outside of that paradigm, you can find other noteworthy options.

Herbs and diet changes support the stabilization and improvement of kidney function.

If you have Hypertension, Diabetes, Lupus, or are someone who works hard outside daily in the hot sun and is constantly dehydrated (such as a farmer), you are at risk for Kidney Disease.  The story is the same from my clients with kidney disease: doctors today usually only speak lightly and vaguely about declining kidney function until it is at Stage 4.  It does not have to be this way.

You do not have to view eventual dialysis or transplant as your only hope.  You CAN DO SOMETHING about your kidney function.

When you work with me, whether your kidney function is compromised, or you currently just have a high risk factor, I will help you to address that risk factor or cause of kidney disease, as well as protect and preserve kidney function.

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