Cisplatin is a chemo medication various types of solid tumors, and it is also a medication that is very toxic to the kidneys.  There are various medications that are kidney toxic.  One of the ways that research studies have figured out how kidney protective herbs work is that they will test them against Cisplatin.

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Unfortunately, many times these are animal models.  In one group, the scientist will give the animal Cisplatin and just observe and document the amount of kidney damage that occurs without intervention.  In another group, they will give the Cisplatin in conjunction with an herb.  What was discovered is the the herb would help to attenuate (i.e. reduce or prevent) the amount of damage that was done to the kidneys.  Several research studies like this have been published.

I mention all of this to say 1) There are already a lot of research articles published that discuss herbs that help kidneys. 2) If you are having to take a medication that is known to be kidney toxic, you do not have to take the full risk in waiting to find out if it is going to damage, or further damage your kidneys.  There are herbs you can take to help prevent damage or as much damage.

The herbs that are helpful to mitigate damage from kidney toxic meds are also often capable of repairing damaged or low functioning kidneys and thus improving kidney function.


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