Lemon balm is a restorative herb with many benefits to a system in overdrive.

  • Suppresses thyroid function, which can be helpful in hyperthyroid
  • A mild sedative, which means it can help you calm down, as well as sleep better
  • Contains volatile oil compounds that can be used topically via a fresh plant infusion to help inhibit Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), resulting in decreased viral attachment, decreased viral replication, decreased viral spread, decreased outbreak severity, quicker healing of lesions, and decreased recurrence
  • Relieves stress-induced migraines
  • Reduces anxiety and restlessness
  • Reduces spasms – this can be helpful in Irritable Bowel syndrome, which can be accompanied by spasms in the bowel
  • Contraindications: hypothyroidism and during pregnancy

If you are needing something to relax you when you get home, lemon balm is a great herb to drink as a tea.