Sometimes people will drop off during the holiday season because they know they are going to be ‘bad’ in their mind.

In addition to the change in the weather, straying from healthy habits also jeopardizes the strength of the immune system.  During this phase of our lives, it is important that we make use of all our tools in daily life.

I do not expect everyone to be perfect during the holidays, but I highly encourage effortful moderation.  This does not have to be a time of ‘falling off,’ but a time of slowing down.  Slowing down means progress will still be made.  When you continue to make progress, it will continue the momentum you gained.  Continued momentum is super helpful for continued motivation and thus seeing results.

Starting momentum all over again can take a lot of effort and it may not happen when you have the intention to do so.  Your New Year’s resolutions may not happen until March.  Why take that chance?

People know how they feel when they ‘fall off.’ How about using moderation this season instead and noticing the differences?  Anytime I had the chance to ‘fall off’ considerably due to a special event and I did not, I did not miss what I chose not to eat.  I felt clean inside the next day, and I felt good about that.

Before you go and buy Thanksgiving ingredients within the next week, think about what and how much you really need.  Most people cook much more food than they need, and can get annoyed with or not even eat all the left-overs, thus creating waste.  You can still enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal and Thanksgiving holiday without feeling painfully stuffed afterwards.

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