Many people come to a natural medicine practitioner with the mindset they learned in conventional medicine, which is that they do not have to do anything but take a pill. This is not so with natural medicine. Often, it comes with much more responsibility and accountability. The practitioner is here to guide and direct you into new ways of healing, but you must walk the path.

Naturopathic doctors are a unique set of professionals, in that we have been trained in both conventional and natural therapeutics. So sometimes, we do pull on that conventional side if it means bringing about the best result.

Naturopathic medicine is a federally recognized profession. However, the decision to license them as a physician rests with each state. This is why Naturopathic medicine is a household name in places like Washington state, Oregon, California, and Arizona, but not in Texas. Naturopathic physicians, in licensed states, can act like Primary Care Physicians, and can thus diagnose. In Texas, however, we cannot diagnose.

With that said, if you come to me with thyroid symptoms, there is a high chance I will refer you to an endocrinologist to figure out the exact diagnosis of your thyroid dysfunction. Once I have that information, including the imaging, labs, and notes from the endocrinologist for me to evaluate, then I can create a strategy to help better target and resolve the issue naturally. There are some natural things that are ‘catch-all’ solutions, but there are many that are targeted towards the exact problem. I like to use both.

When I use both, it means you will typically have work to do that will take time to see results from. And those efforts can take time for you to do consistently well. Many people have ingrained habits and mindsets that are hard to break. But it is through trying that you get better. Do not wait to be perfect. Just get started, and then continue to improve every month. The advertisements you see where the people have their arms outstretched and they are outside, maybe even on the beach, that is the result. That is not the work and sacrifices to get there, that is not the work and sacrifices to stay there. But if you choose to do it, it can be one of the most rewarding things you have ever given your body.