Media Appearances

  • Jun 2020 - "Herbally Yours" hosted by Ellen Kamhi, the Natural Nurse, on 90.3 WHPC Nassau Community College - Gastrointestinal Health from a Naturopathic Perspective
  • Jun 2020 - 5 Good Reasons to Have a Lactation Consultant When Breastfeeding – collaboration with a lactation consultant to educate the public on the value of utilizing this type of expert during pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding
  • Jun 2020 - The Link Between Mental Health and Digestive Disorders – collaboration with a psychologist on addressing the physical and psychological aspects of a person with digestive issues
  • Jun 2020 - Learn True Health Podcast: Naturopathy for Kidney Health
  • Jun 2020 - LGBTQIA+ Health: A Naturopathic Panel Discussion – reviewed health disparities and described what it means to be a queer friendly clinic
  • Jun 2020 - Healing Hypertension Holistic Health Summit - How to Monitor Your Own Kidney Function
  • May 2020 - Constipation Series - YouTube videos series for Indigo Sun Magazine and Better Life Solutions on the use of herbs, nutrients and lifestyle habits to reduce constipation
  • May 2020 - Staying Consistent – joint webinar with a Food Coach on how to stay consistent on a healthy lifestyle
  • May 2020 - Addressing Physical and Emotional Factors of the Person with Digestive Issues – joint webinar with an essential oil expert
  • May 2020 - Sisterhood Summit: A Virtual Gathering – Intro to Natural Healing
  • Apr 2020 - Lung Support – webinar discussing herbs for natural lung support
  • Mar 2020 - Help, Healing & Hope: Thriving in a Viral Season – webinar consisting of healthcare professionals discussing how to maintain physical and emotional health
  • Mar 2020 - Love Me First Event – panel of speakers from finance, faith-based, psychotherapy and healthcare professions discussing how to thrive in these areas of life
  • Oct 2019 - Holistic Healing: Mind, Body, Spirit – panel of healthcare professionals discussing physical and emotional well-being
  • Jul 2019 - Preparing Mentally for Transitions - Staying healthy during college years
  • Jun 2018 - WestU Wellness – Detox for Fertility
  • Mar 2018 - Joy Yoga – Holistic Self-Care for Women
  • Aug 2017 - FANUMe Life Fair - Natural ways to reduce stress and improve mood
  • Nov 2017 - GHB Chamber – Women in Business: Live Work Play Conference – “Your Personal Well-being” Panel
  • Sep 2017 - Height of Hope Wellness Fair - Preventing the Onset of Kidney Disease during Diabetes and Lupus
  • Sep 2017 - Affecting Stress through Consumption – How one eats can increase or decrease stress tolerance
  • Sep 2017 - Detox Series – 4-part class on Food, Herbs, Air/Water/Home, Hair and Skin
  • Jun 2017 - KYND Radio & Natural Nation Network – Interview on Naturopathic medicine and improving gastrointestinal function


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