About a decade ago, natural products were responsible for over 1/3 of approved medications. However, this education gets lost along the way, for doctors and their patients. I think it would be great for doctors and their patients to know where their medications come from.

This is another reason why saving the environment, particularly the Amazon forest, is so critical.

Supplying the natural source to your body instead of or in addition to the medication may help to offset side effects of the medication (via not having to take as much) while also helping to offer more benefits from the full plant vs. just one active component.

I think this knowledge is worth exposing to the public and doctors.  Many doctors may form a more positive opinion about herbs if they knew the meds they prescribed daily came from them.

Cromolyn Sodium
Histamine problems stem from mast cells. Some doctors may be using the medication ‘Cromolyn Sodium’ to address this. I decided to research where it can be found in nature. It comes from the herb Ammi Visnaga.
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This herb is also known as: toothpick-plant, toothpickweed, bisnaga, khella, Bishop’s weed

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