June is Men’s Mental Health month.


Strength has a much broader meaning than anyone who wants to manipulate you will teach you.


Some can only teach you what they have been manipulated into adopting.


Different seconds can call for different facets of strength to show and others perhaps to take a rest.


What is sought in escape methods is freedom and peace. Instead, I encourage you to start living your life in such a way that you deviate (per what resonates for you) from what you think is ‘normal’ and ‘acceptable’ and be in pursuit of yourself instead (while not becoming a terror), because that is where you can find some freedom, and maybe some gifts. I encourage you to be daring in the ways that matter to you because you might find something worth finding there.


Meaningful conversations, and jokes, with friends who get you can help too. Therapy is wonderful and can make a difference.


To all the men who are struggling, you are not alone, nor do you need to suffer in silence.  Embrace this month by doing something unique for your mental health, perhaps a particular phone call or getting a lot more sleep at night.